EP 616: The Extramilest Show Hosted by Floris Gierman

Trail Runner Nation

Mar 23 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

Floris Gierman, a close friend of ours, invited us to join him on his show to discuss our insights from conducting 615 podcast episodes featuring remarkable guests.  It was a delightful experience, and we thought it would be beneficial to share this episode with you. You can find Floris Gierman's podcast, The Extramilest Show, and his YouTube channel, where he interviews top-notch athletes, coaches, and health professionals, discussing ways to enhance your running abilities, health, and happiness.

Be sure to check out his website to find additional content including blog post, his "Personal Best" training program, and other running tips.

Floris is also a cofounder of PATH Projects.  You know how much we LOVE their gear.  Check them out.