83 - Jennifer Robinson

Rachel Johnson's Difficult Women

Feb 13 2023 • 37 mins

Jennifer Robinson, the Australian human rights and media freedom barrister who graces Doughty Street chambers, is probably best known for her work representing Julian Assange “I did not expect it was going to become so big,” says Robinson. “And I certainly never expected I’d spend so much time visiting him in the Ecuadorean embassy in London.” Her new book, co-written with Keina Yoshida, could not be timelier as we record this the day after the sentencing of an armed officer, David Carrick, for 48 rapes against a dozen woman, and a headteacher, and her seven-year-old daughter have died in what police are calling a murder suicide. It seemingly never ends. One every three days a woman is killed but many more are silenced and let down by the system, this is exactly where Jennifer's specialties lie.

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