018 The Most Important Thing In Your Business

The David Lee Martin Show - Daily Encouragement For Christian Creatives

03-02-2021 • 12 mins

What’s the most important thing in your business?

Cashflow? Assets? Intellectual property? SOP’s?

What’s the secret sauce that makes your business stand out from the crowd and how do you protect it?

Let me tell you, it’s a great deal simpler than it may first appear, and calls for some radical shifts in practice if you plan on long-term growth and prosperity.

The number one thing that sets your business apart is…


You are, after all, ultimately in the business of being yourself.

How you show up in the world is an overflow. Your business, ministry, or service to others is an expression of yourself, crystallised into products, publications, or some other platform.

You must protect your number one business asset. It is essential that you take care of your own needs and build your business with the lifestyle you want to create in mind.