The Feeling Better - Gambling Addiction & Spiritual Warfare

Maria Simon

Maria is just an average, middle American housewife and homesteader who never gave gambling much thought until she became addicted to slot games last summer. At her lowest point, God showed her that her compulsive gambling addiction, like many other addictions, was a spiritual attack. Maria published her book, "The Feeling Better: 10-4 Program" in March, 2023 and simultaneously launched this podcast.  She addresses compulsive gambling and addiction from the spiritual perspective, helping those who are stuck in the dark pit of addiction to defeat the enemy and find victory. Througout her podcast, Maria Simon shares her own devastating journey and what led to her downfall and ultimately, her redemption and recovery. The raw emotion of her ordeal, her inspiring words of wisdom, and the practical, spiritual encouragement laid out each week can help anyone--Christian believer or not--to overcome their compulsive addiction once and for all.

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