Living with PTSD (POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) ft. Jessica Mulero

The JussJess Podcast Show

09-05-2022 • 58 mins

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions in America. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) estimates that roughly 7.7 million Americans suffer from PTSD, and that number is likely much higher when undiagnosed case numbers are considered. Many people also suffer from trauma, which can occur from one single shocking or emotionally significant event or after a series of events. Like PTSD, trauma can lead to depression or anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and other debilitating behaviors. Individuals suffering from PTSD and trauma are often at the highest risk of developing alcohol or substance abuse problems because of the overwhelming need to make the unpleasant symptoms disappear. PTSD and trauma are unpredictable disorders because the symptoms and behavior are often different in each case. Because of this, it’s important to seek specialized care from qualified professionals who have experience helping those with the disorder. So, sit back and take a listen as we talk with survivor Jessica Mulero about PTSD.


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