The JussJess Podcast Show

19-01-2022 • 51 mins

Everybody wants to matter. To make a difference. To stand out, be noticed, and admired (maybe even envied) by others. It starts when we’re children. “Hey Mom, look at me!” we shout. “Dad, watch me!” we say, anxious for our parents to pay attention, applaud and show us that we matter. What we don’t understand is that our parents already love us. There’s no need to perform. Most people’s minds are loud, chaotic, and full of self-judgments and negativity. Assaulted with a near-constant stream of worries and anxieties, many of us have learned to be afraid of our own thoughts. So we fill our time and attention with distractions and busyness to avoid getting caught with even a few spare moments of mental downtime. We all know this doesn't work...LET'S TALK!


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