Episode 6 - with Gerard Vroomen, Doug Golenz and John Dennis


Nov 5 2020 • 1 hr 3 mins

Bike design has come a long way in the past decade, and most bikes are now designed for the Mark Beaumont’s of this world as opposed to the Mark Cavendish’s! That means comfort for endurance and great handling, rather than purely for elite racing. This conversation happened between Scotland, Holland, England and the US – and explored bike design and bio-mechanics.

Gerard Vroomen is a Dutch-born mechanical engineer and the owner of Open Cycle. He is best know as the co-founder of Cervelo bikes. Vroomen co-founded Cervélo in 1995 when their design for a new time trial bicycle failed to garner interest from traditional bicycle manufacturers. Today, Cervélo is the largest triathlon bike manufacturer in the world.

Doug Golenz co-founded and runs StudioWest near Boulder, Colorado – world famous for cutting edge bike design. The team are passionate creativity and have over 100 patents to their names.

John Dennis is someone I (Mark Beaumont) have worked with personally as my bike fitter before the Around the World in 80 Days. John has worked full time in elite sport for over a decade, including as lead physiotherapist with British Triathlon. As an expert in cycling biomechanics, he has since worked with a multitude of pro cycling teams including Team Sky. Analyzing sports injuries, movement patterns and working with clients at his business Physiohaus near Newcastle in England with the best chance of a quick recovery and individualised bike positional work.

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