Episode 3 - with Dr Emma Ross


Oct 15 2020 • 1 hr 8 mins

Dr Emma Ross is the founder and director of Thrive Revolution and was the head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport. Thrive exists to support girls and women discover the best in themselves and fulfil their potential.

Read on everyone, because this is fascinating podcast that everyone should listen to, including boys and men. Emma is on a mission - to empower women with the knowledge and wisdom they need to achieve health, happiness and high performance, whether in work, sport, family or life. She spent a decade working in high performance sport, developing a world-leading campaign to optimise female athlete health and performance.

Now Emma lectures, coaches and educates about improving body literacy in all women. The roots of this work is understanding how our biology and anatomy works, and how that influences body, behaviour and emotion has the potential to help women everywhere, in all walks of life, to capitalise on their untapped potential, reduce anguish and anxiety, and experience their life in a new way.

Find out more at thriverevolution.com, @ezross on twitter and @ emma_zoe_ross on Instagram.

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