Episode 20: Dad Goals with Dustin Hopkins

Locker Room Dads

22-06-2022 • 1 hr

Episode 20 is here and it slaps! Los Angeles Chargers kicker Dustin Hopkins joins Locker Room Dads this week!

Dustin is bringing the heat this week on Locker Room Dads with tons of great advice for new and experienced dads! You won't want to miss out on all the great knowledge in this episode.

Being a dad is all about finding yourself and your family. Dustin breaks down the times he knew everything would be different!

Learn about what it's like to be there for a C-section in the delivery room and how to be there for your partner.

Minivans? Yep, minivans! Josh talks about the vehicular changes coming to the Brinzo household. Does every dad get this point?

Find your next new sleep helper! Dustin and Josh talk about how great the Merlin's Magical Sleepsuit is for helping your new child make it through the night.

You won't want to miss out on this extremely informative episode!