Episode 28: Parenting in the Secondary with Adrian Amos

Locker Room Dads

07-09-2022 • 44 mins

Locker Room Dads is back with another great guest as we are joined by Green Bay Packers safety and dad of two, Adrian Amos!

From the ins and outs of parenting and finding the best place for your kids, we've got you covered this week.

Adrian talks about finding focus in an NFL season with a family and finding ways to stay connected. How can you find comfort in all the stress of being a parent?

Were you prepared when you left the hospital? It's ok to be nervous, you just want to have a great support system in place.

The grind never stops for Adrian and he hopes his kids stay just as hungry as he was. We talk about the will to teach your kids to work hard and be grateful for things in life. Hard work and humility is a big thing in the Amos household!

Pat and Adrian are gearing up for their first game this weekend, but more importantly they're both looking after their little ones any chance they get off the field!