Episode 29: Dads of the Week

Locker Room Dads

29-09-2022 • 40 mins

We're back with Pat and Josh for episode 29!

Pat is fresh off of locking up NFC Special Teams Player of the Week! AND HIS JERSEY IS FOR SALE!!!

The dads have been busy, but we're back with some great content. From getting into being a new dad of two to Jewish weddings, this episode is one for the ages!

Would you donate your sperm or eggs? What about freeze them? Pat and Josh break down a vasectomy as Josh gears up for one...

The update on being a dad to a new student is something Josh is trying to figure out! Are you ready to send your kids to school?

This episode has it all and you won't want to miss out!!! We even have a fun update for everyone at the end!