Episode 21: Tired Dad Life with Jon Gustin

Locker Room Dads

29-06-2022 • 54 mins

We're joined by the true Tired Dad of them all this week! Jon Gustin/Tired Dad is here to discuss life as a true exhausted parent!

Josh is on the road celebrating his birthday this week and working with a malfunctioning microphone! Pat carries the team through this one!

You're supporting your children, but how do you find time to support each other?

Developing a coffee addiction? Finding ways to stay awake? Jon helps us figure out how to manage everything at once!

Getting your kids in to sports can be a tough feat. What if you don't know anything about the sport they like? How can you still be a helpful and supportive parent?

How can you manage your children around people you may not know? Managing all the stress can be harder than you think! But it might be easy if you have the right tools!

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