Episode 22: From the Snap with Mitch Trubisky

Locker Room Dads

06-07-2022 • 32 mins

Locker Room Dads is joined by new dad and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky this week!

Outside of signing with a new team this season, Mitch is fresh off of becoming a new dad! How do you prepare to become a dad for the first time?

We're talking C-sections this week! Not everyone knows what to expect and we're here to get you ready!

Did you have a playlist for the delivery room? What's the first song you want your child to hear when they're born?

Mitch tells us what he's most excited to teach his son as he grows up!

The top Locker Room Dads suggestions for gadgets come out at the end from Mitch and it's one we keep hearing!

Be sure to tune in this week for a great episode and catch some new dad tips from Mitch Trubisky!