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#07 - One year on: learnings and next steps for the US-RSPE Sustainability Framework - Ryan Bennett
Sep 13 2023
#07 - One year on: learnings and next steps for the US-RSPE Sustainability Framework - Ryan Bennett
How do you measure the sustainability of the entire US poultry supply chain network? The Sciencing Podcast is back! In this episode, you'll hear all about the first multi-stakeholder reporting framework for poultry supply chains in the US: the US Roundtable for Sustainable Poultry & Eggs (US-RSPE) Sustainability Framework. Launched in 2022, the sustainability assessment covers the entire US supply chains for chicken, turkey and eggs, from farm to fork. It collects data on areas including water usage and quality, employee and animal well-being, waste, antimicrobial usage, land use, air quality, energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Data has been built on responses from US-RSPE members representing growers, integrators, processors, retailers, food service companies, civil society groups and NGOs. The resulting database reflects opportunities and clarity for the individual segments of supply chains, supporting continuous improvement in sustainability for the value chain. Join Faazi as she talks to US-RSPE Executive Director, Ryan Bennett, to discuss learnings from the first-of-its-kind reporting framework, and how positive change is being implemented based on its insights. You can discover more about Evonik’s solutions for sustainable food production here: Podcast host: Faazi Adam, Director Sustainability, Evonik Animal Nutrition. Guest: Ryan Bennett, Executive Director at U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Poultry & Eggs and the International Poultry Welfare Alliance