Own Your Voice & Find Creative Allies + Unleash Turns 1 w/ Liz Fohl

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

Feb 18 2020 • 1 hr 4 mins

On today’s episode Lauren chat’s with our show composer and the fantastically talented singer/songwriter, Liz Fohl! Liz is a full-time touring musician and has a unique perspective on creativity and life that includes practicality, optimism, versatility and a whole lotta love.

On this episode you’ll learn the backstory of Lauren and Liz’s friendship, how to find & develop creative allies, how to enjoy a long creative process, what making your own stuff has to do with the Cheese Cake Factory, how to stop yourself from ripping apart your own work, what to do if you’re in a creative work environment that has turned toxic and reflections on the first year of this beautiful, wonderful show known as Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso!

On The Unleash Your Inner Creative:

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