How to get rid of drinking habit? Hot Seat with Neenu (Listener Special)

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

19-01-2022 • 9 mins


In this listener special episode of #TheHabitCoach Podcast, Host Ashdin answers an interesting question from a listener Neenu - She asks, "Hi Ashdin, I am a middle-class working woman with lots of dreams and ambitions. I have a son of 5 years old. My husband cares for me a lot but, the only thing which I can not accept is his drinking habit. It's like fixed that on every 3 days(Wed, Fri, Sat) in a week he will come drunk n rest of the day from official work he reaches home very late. Usually, every time he promises me that now he will not drink but now I am seriously too fed up with his behaviour that sometimes I feel like I should leave this man but deep inside I can't because I do care for him too. How to make him realize that what as a family we are losing the time we could spend with our son, the quality time which we both could spend together n what not.....not sure whether u have read this or not or you would take it as a question in ur episode...but do help me in any way Ashdin.....I am fed up now. The biggest challenge I am facing is that I am losing my temper when I see him drunk even after so many times he promised....what should I do Ashdin...it's killing me every day."

Ashdin answers by explaining various reasons for frustration in our day-to-day life, and how to understand the root cause of drinking habits. Further, he shares ways to create a safe space to talk and much more!

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