3 Habits To Aid Handwriting Development feat. Imran Baig

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

04-01-2022 • 33 mins


This week on #TheHabitCoach Podcast, Ashdin Doctor is joined by Imran Baig, Graphologist and Penmanship Influencer who's the Founder of Global Penmanship Academy where they discuss how our handwriting is essential for our communication in today's times and much more! Ashdin and Imran talk about how parents can start handwriting development for their kids, why handwriting is essential in today's digital times, the concept of 'Dysgraphia' and shares the 5 elements of handwriting development. Further, they even chat about 3 habits to start for better handwriting and shares an interesting concept called '2 marks'. All this and much more on this episode of #TheHabitCoach Podcast with Ashdin Doctor.

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