How to identify a person? Hot Seat with Medha Jyotishi

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

29-12-2021 • 8 mins

Episode 626

In this listener special episode of #TheHabitCoach Podcast, Host Ashdin answers an interesting question from a listener Medha Jyotishi - She asks, "I have trust issues. I have always had problems with relationships. I mean I'm great at making friends, but at the core, You see the deceiving nature of people and I become more because the fact that people can be so mean, it shocks me. I want to know how to find a person who is honest as well as good. Is there not a single boy in the world with good intentions?"

Ashdin answers by explaining the nature of judging people and an interesting theory of reflection. Further, he shares a super simple habit on how to identify a person and much more!

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