Dr. John Demartini on going beyond Survival/Pleasure Seeking mode

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

24-01-2023 • 28 mins

In this episode, Ashdin is in conversation with Dr. John Demartini who is gracing the show for the second time. He is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. He has over 4 decades of research across multiple disciplines.

Ashdin & Dr. Demartini talk about how spirituality is personal, based on one's respective values and beliefs, and it transcends all limitations. He also talks about the wisdom of the universe and that we should trust it. They further discuss Minimising VS Exaggerating, how human beings have each and every behavioral trait mentioned in a dictionary albeit in varying proportions which is what makes them different. He also shares how we spend our lives mainly in just either survival or pleasure seeking mode and how can one go beyond that. All this and a lot more.

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