S1E16. Alleged Blinds & 2000s Nostalgia w/Kelli Williams of LagunaBiotch and Beyond the Blinds

It’s Become a Whole Thing

16-05-2022 • 42 mins

Emily sits down with Kelli Williams to talk about what it's like shedding light on blind items and a mutual love of reading between the lines.

They get into some 2000s nostalgia, covering Lauren Conrad and the eccentric antics of present-day Spencer Pratt. They get into whether Kim and Pete are a real couple and the omnipresence of Kravis.

CW: they discuss child stars and what they endured (p*dophilia and abuse) from (25:00-29:00)

They talk problematic favs (Anna Kendrick & Ariana Grande), the lack of kind blinds in the world and Kelli's reasons for why Ben Affleck is her least favourite celebrity. They talk briefly about child stars but for a more in-depth look, see the Beyond the Blinds episode linked below.

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