Buying the IG or Twitter Verified 'Blue Check': Yes or No? with Dr. Jada Jackson

PR Yourself with Leah Frazier

Aug 4 2023 • 58 mins

It used to be that "blue checks" on social media next to profile names were only reserved for the elite — celebrities, influencers, journalists, and more. It was a thing to acquire or to obtain by all of us "regular folk." However, the blue check "verified" profile has been up for sale — where any and everyone can purchase a verified account.

This begs the question...since we've been pre-conditioned to place blue check profiles in a more elite hierarchy from years and years of it best for entrepreneurs, businesses and brands to go ahead and now buy a blue check, to place their business on a perceivably higher plane?

We discuss the blue check phenomenon, social conditioning and advantages and disadvantages of this social experiment with Author, Licensed Professional Counselor, star of "The Big D" on the USA Network, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Jada Jackson. Tune in to decide what's best for you AND your brand.

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