Convo #22 w/ Jeff Nichols: Founding Feuds & Contemporary Madness

The Unveiled Patriot with Travis Masterbone

16-05-2022 • 1 hr 36 mins

Jeff Nichols, host of his podcast HISTORY COMES ALIVE, is back with some critical political thoughts! A lot of deep historical discussion revolving around the feuds between the founding fathers and trying to connect it to today's contemporary issues. @history_comes_alive   TOPICS:   - Founding Feud: Thomas Jefferson vs. John Marshall - Marbury vs. Madison Case - 1807 Treason Trial of Aaron Burr - Judicial Review + The Evolution of The Supreme Court - Leaked Document + Abortion Debacle - The Misinformation Governance Board / "Ministry of Truth"   Much more here and there and in-between per usual!   First 30-45 mins... we get pretty geeky about these founding feuds and cases... I highly recommend doing a bit of revisiting on these historical figures and cases prior to diving in!    We live in such a polarized environment today, but believe it or not... drastic differences in beliefs, institutions and political systems have existed since the founding of our country and throughout human history! We transitioned into some touchy subjects in this convo but I feel it was productive and worthwhile as always. Remember, the entire purpose is to provide as much context as possible... with the goal of better understanding the world around us today... to the best of our abilities. Hopefully we complete this mission.   Enjoy. Or not.   Yours Truly. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: