EP 29: Sam Harris & Echo Chambers (PT1)

The Unveiled Patriot with Travis Masterbone

16-09-2022 • 48 mins

EP29: Sam Harris & Echo Chambers

In this episode I breakdown and give my thoughts on the Triggernometry Interview with Sam Harris. If you don't know about Sam Harris... he is a neuroscientist, philosopher, New York Times best-selling author, host of the Making Sense podcast, creator of the Waking Up app and is a well known atheist, influencer and intellectual.

He was once one of my favorite individuals to listen to and respected quite a bit... but unfortunately... he has taken a major back seat in my eyes after listening to this interview. Allow me to explain.


- My YouTube Ban + 3 Strike Policy/Appeal Process

- Intro to Sam Harris + Agreements on Topics

- Breakdown + Thoughts of Triggernometry Interview

- Censorship + Trump Twitter Ban + Echo Chambers

- Strategies on Escaping Orange Man Bad Cults!

Watch the interview yourself... let me know if my synopsis does justice.

Enjoy. Or Not.

Yours Truly.

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