EP 31: Sam Harris & Echo Chambers (PT2)

The Unveiled Patriot with Travis Masterbone

21-09-2022 • 49 mins

We are back for part 2... breaking down even further of our Sam Harris interview with Triggernometry.

We will dive deeper into the more appalling and delusional statements and thinking of Sam Harris.


- Orange Man Bad Cult + Quanon + Alex Jones

- Liz Cheney + Sam's Justification of Nonpartisanship

- Hillary's Emails = Hunter Biden Laptop

- Censorship + Relative Corruption

- The Threat of Trump to Our "Democracy"

- Joe Biden Buyers Remorse?

- More Tips on Escaping Echo Chambers

Again... If you agree with all or most of what Sam Harris said in this interview... reach the fuck out and lets have a discussion! At the end of the day... These are just my opinions. Challenge them.

Enjoy. Or not.

Yours Truly.

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