Wee Man Has Friends

What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

09-03-2022 • 24 mins

Wee Man Strikes A Chord PLUS, disabled punks, Agnes Martin, choriço, Botox and The Red House (1947) Wee Man has friends- considering Caty Weaver's article "The Tao of Wee Man" from the New York Times Magazine, January 24, 2022 Shout outs to Sandman who recognized the planes and the characters of East San Jose Agnes Martin legal ID for KFJC- rules for legal identification I saw a couple of people at the supermarket. She had one leg- He did not appear to be disabled- They were punks- They both had jean jackets- He had a black net back ballcap- She wore one Doc Marten- she drove and kept a folding wheelchair behind the driver's seat- I regret not meeting them I made the choriço, white beans, and kale- I used pinto beans & Goulart's chorizo I want Evushield The Red House on Amazon prime was a strange, intense artwork I had Botox Sent out an email blast about supply chain madness- random_summersaulting_phlegm bounced

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