China Deep Dive with an Anonymous Military Scientist

Liberty Lockdown

19-11-2021 • 1 hr 31 mins

This episode is exclusive to you supporting members of the show. Thank you for helping me grow my reach! This episode with NOT be on Youtube as we cover too many of the topics you aren't allowed to discuss. Today I had on Dave, an anonymous military scientist, to discuss Evergrande's BK and what it might portend for Chinese and American relations moving forward. This may be the first domino in a deflationary cascading default for the Chinese economy and the world to some extent. It is very important that we understand what this might mean so we can plan and get in front of it to better protect our families. You can follow Dave on twitter here: https://twitter.com/daemondave This episode is being brought to you ad free because I want to encourage you to become a supporting member of the show. Please go to Locals to sign up if you find value in the content I am putting out. Thank you for the continued support, even if you can't afford to support the show right now please share with any relatives or friends that might also be awake. https://libertylockdown.locals.com/