Vidya Raman, Motivational Speaker and Career Coach

ELEVATE --- Valda Ford

08-08-2022 • 26 mins

Vidya Raman, Motivational Speaker and Career Coach North Carolina

Stuck and not sure where to go next in your career? Get the answers that will help you break through limitations

Vidya Raman is a Maxwell Leadership certified speaker, coach, and trainer. She is an award-winning (Toastmasters District Champion) public speaker and a passionate people developer. Vidya is an advocate for the high-potential 'invisible' corporate employee and a guide for leaders who want to raise their team’s engagement and performance. She is a lifelong learner and is dedicated to the craft of personal and professional development. Nothing gives her greater joy than witnessing the positive impact of her message on her clients.

Vidya's corporate career of over 25 years had her serving in various capacities from Application Programmer to Technology Project Leader to Business Leader and Executive of a Fortune 500 company.