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Welcome to "A Better Way to Health" with Stuart Shipe, DAOM, Founder of and Lead Physician at Women's Traditional Chinese Healing. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) take a holistic approach to wellness. In this podcast, Dr. Shipe will teach you the foundational principles of TCM so that you know how to get and stay well throughout the different phases of your life. Dr. Shipe also offers telehealth appointments for patients nationwide. For more information about Women's Traditional Chinese Healing, please visit www.traditionalchinesehealing.com. Social? Please find us at @womenschinesehealing or follow us on Twitter @DrShipe. read less
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Natural Solutions to Low Libido
Apr 19 2023
Natural Solutions to Low Libido
Welcome back to A Better Way to Health with Dr. Stuart Shipe. On today's show, we're talking about Natural Solutions to Low Libido. Libido can be tricky and impacted by many different factors. According to TCM, low libido in women relates to a Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy) imbalance. If you are experiencing low libido, many natural solutions can help. Several things can cause low libido in women: hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, poor communication between partners, underlying health conditions, or even exhaustion from juggling responsibilities and commitments without proper rest and relaxation.If you're experiencing low libido, treating the issue as soon as possible is essential for your physical, mental, emotional, and overall health. Fortunately, low libido is a common problem that can be treated naturally with modalities like acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing techniques in the world. It involves placing very fine needles into your body at specific points, stimulating your body's energy flow, and helping to regulate hormone levels, blood flow, and nervous system activity. As a result, acupuncture helps balance your hormones, promotes good circulation, and promotes relaxation.For more information about today's show or products, don't hesitate to contact Women's Traditional Chinese Healing through our website, www.traditionalchinesehealing.com, email us at info@traditionalchinesehealing.com, or call us at 772-398-4550.