24: Melissa Sonsalla: Grow Your Sales by Growing Yourself

Quantum Revenue Expansion

Jul 31 2017 • 34 mins

How is your energy today? Are you feeling stuck and disorganized? If you goal is to double your sales, then it is time to break out of your limiting beliefs and make space for your energy to grow. After all, growing your sales is really about growing yourself! This week, we have the tools you need to harness your energy and start making positive changes today.

Melissa Sonsalla is a business coach who utilizes Energy Leadership tools to help you grow your business. Melissa knows that true success is not in the tools and systems you use, but about your mindset. Beginning in direct sales and after becoming #13 in her company, Melissa knew she wanted to help others break out of their limiting beliefs to find success in whatever they do. This week, Melissa shares her story and her tools to utilizing your energy and overcoming fear. You do not want to miss it!.

  • Melissa’s first experience in sales developed her as a leader.
  • Energy leadership overcame her limiting beliefs.
  • Breaking through the limiting belief of having a program to be successful.
  • The importance of mentoring and the support from your coach.
  • Authentic ways to grow your sales.
  • The edge you can gain in the direct sales industry.
  • How Melissa used energy leadership tools to increase her sales.
  • Using visualization to get ‘unstuck.”
  • Strategies that make a difference in direct sales and in starting your own business.
  • What are the energy levels, and where do you get stuck?


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