Navigating The Musician Brain vs the Producer Brain

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Dec 22 2021 • 50 mins

“A good composer borrows a great composer steals.” - Tom Westin

“If you don’t try, nothing will happen.” - Tom Westin

Welcome to SZN 5 of Go Produce! I’m your Show Host, Big Lou! Our mission is to be the go-to community for Indie Artists looking to kick off or level up their careers and to empower the creative entrepreneur providing them with all the resources they require to reach and exceed their goals. We seek to have all committed Indie Music Artists - and their communities -  profit off of their passion. Independent artists can always get smarter. At Go Produce we become SmArtists. Join our Discord to connect with like-minded people.

SmArtist Shoutout
Anastasia - Music Enthusiast and Event Organizer!

Show Notes
SmArtists, Tom Westin is a co-founding partner, composer, producer, and creative director of the Grayson Music Group. It has become one of the premier music production companies in North America, growing to a staff of 40 in its studio facility in Toronto, with an office in Nashville. Grayson MG handles music and sound for over 400 brand projects a year, has composed and supervised hundreds of series and feature films, plus has countless co-writes with artists. Tom was also a finalist for best score at MASA 2019 and has been part of hundreds of award-winning advertising campaigns from Cannes, The One Show, and LIA.

Key Questions I Asked
1. How would you summarize your early career in 90 seconds? What would have been beneficial to learn earlier in your career?
2. What is the best way to start composing original music?
3. How do you record your song ideas? How do you organize them?
4. What are common types of song structure and how do you know when to apply each?

Hot Topics
1. Qualities that successful artists have.
2. Getting out of your way as an artist.
3. Various layers to brand structure.
4. What to do before spending money as an artist.
5. Songwriting/production drills.

My Favourite Quote
“Everyone experiences that ‘flip of the switch’ differently.” - Tom Westin

Have you had this moment in your life? Maybe you had a couple of ‘switches’. For some people, it can be near-death experiences. For others, it can be meeting a person that helps them change their lives. I had a series of events that happened back to back that contributed to ‘flipping my switch.’ It’s different for everyone. What was yours like? Let me know here!

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