Didn't Ask to be a Hero Podcast: Ordinary Women Living Extraordinary Lives

Annie Raney (host) and Davenia Lea (producer)

The Didn’t Ask to be a Hero Podcast strives to share the stories of ordinary women who have overcome challenges and are now walking in the truth of God’s love, freedom, and victory! These stories celebrate the unsung sheroes who, due to unexpected circumstances, have grown in faith and are shining more brightly in the light of God’s story for their lives. These stories remind us of the familiar and the completely foreign, bringing women together across the divides of the unknown and the different. Ultimately The Didn’t Ask to be a Hero Podcast is giving voice to women who may not always be heard, with the intent of transforming other women’s stories as we transform our families and communities one story at a time.For more information, please visit our website at www.mazuriministries.org