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Dealing With Anger and Toxic Thoughts | Sadhguru
Dealing With Anger and Toxic Thoughts | Sadhguru
► Reprogram your Mind - The Secret Key to Manifestation 🔗 ► Free 60-Minute Alpha Waves - Improve Your Memory 🔗 Sadhguru looks at the importance of dealing with anger and toxic thoughts. The fundamental reason anger is the problem is that our minds are not in control. It is just that our body and mind are not taking instruction from us. ★ Background music and binaural beats frequency created by Sync Mind Team. Chapters: 00:00 — Intro 00:38 — Our body and mind are not taking instruction from us 03:15 — How to Control Anger 05:50 — Why We Resist Change 08:40 — Our concept of heaven ► This audio session combines eye-opening speeches with binaural beats technology. Designed to inspire, motivate, and help people to reprogram their minds. 📌  Benefits of this session: 5 Hz (Theta Waves) ► Great for unusual problem-solving; ► Promotes relaxed states; ► Reduced sleep needed. 🎧  Works better when Listening Before Falling Asleep. ► Please use headphones and Listen Carefully. We suggest replaying it for at least 21 days in a row for maximum effect. ► Subscribe to our channel here: 🔗 📌  Sync Mind Audio has the owner's authorization to use this video on any distribution or channels – offline and online – and monetize them as well. ★ Support Our Channel! #syncmind #binauralbeats #speechwithbinauralbeats --- Send in a voice message: