The History of...The AMBER Alert

The History of…Podcast Show

Jan 31 2023 • 13 mins

***Disclaimer*** Please be advised…this episode deals with crimes against a child. Due to the graphic information it could be distressing and traumatic to some. This episode might not be suitable for all ages. Listener discretion is advised. On today's episode...we talk about Amber Hagerman's abduction that influenced the AMBER Alert Program we use today. (There will be no Fun Facts in this episode) I would like to thank the following websites for the information on The AMBER Alert Program and the unsolved case of Amber Hagerman. I know today’s episode might be a little grimm for some but the information is useful and important. We cannot forget those that have been taken from us at such a tender and innocent age. We must spread awareness so that others do not suffer the same fate as Amber. Thanks for tuning in today everyone and until our next journey through time, I challenge you with this …”experience a new perspective and learn something new”. --- Support this podcast: