The History of...Leap Year

The History of…Podcast Show

Feb 27 2023 • 14 mins

On this episode we dig down deep to figure out the origins of Leap Year!!

I would like to thank the Kids National Geographic and Air and Space website for the information on the topic of…Leap Year. The article for the national geographic was written by Christine Dell’Amore and  the Air and Space article was written by Bob Craddock. For more information you can visit their websites at,

I would also like to thank various other websites for the background on fascinating facts about Taxidermy.


I don’t have any cool sub-reads this week but next week on March 6th I am going to talk about the history of…Dr. Seuss. So stay tuned for that very interesting topic.

Thanks for tuning in today everyone and until our next journey through time, I challenge you with this …”experience a new perspective and learn something new”.

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