Tim Friedmann's 70s Rock Conversations Season 7 Episode 9

Tim Friedmann's 70's Rock Conversations

Nov 7 2022 • 59 mins

Episode 9 has George Michael as our Featured Artist! Frankie has the story of Sammy Johns, and his big hit from the spring of 1975...A terrific 1-Hit Wonder from Bobby Hebb is in the spotlight from the late summer of '66. Bobby was "how old" when he made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry? You'll find out! Also, Blue Swede checks in from 1974 (Frankie's favorite year of music!) with a couple of Top-10 Hits. And, in our new segment, "Hall of Fame Albums," Frank's is from Don Henley--Tim's is a huge debut album from fall of '76. Thanks for listening!!