Episode 10: The truth about how our bodies actually work with Dawn Ross

The Diet Diaries

25-01-2021 • 46 mins

This week's guest is a fellow teacher and friend and someone I admire more than I can say. I've known Dawn not even 2 years and couldn't even begin to list what I've learned from her in this short time.

I'm so excited about this episode because we get into so many myths around movement and what we actually need to be focusing on when it comes to fitness and feeling good.

Here's a little bit of what we cover in just 45 minutes:

  • Why and how Dawn feels better 46 than she did at 26
  • The disconnect between your workouts and what you actually need in your day to day life
  • The turning point in Dawn's approach to teaching fitness
  • Why the idea of "wear and tear" is a completely inaccurate view of the human body
  • Why protecting your kids at the playground is actually hurting them
  • The surprising overlap between your emotions and your movement
  • Why working out to burn calories makes a sustainable relationship with exercise so challenging

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