The Tragedy of the Clancy Family

True Crime Society

Mar 2 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

TW- child murder.

On January 24, 2023, Lindsay Clancy asked her husband Patrick to go and pick up takeout for dinner.  She told him she also needed medication for one of their three young children.

Patrick left their home in Duxbury, Massachusetts at around 5.15 to run the errands.  When he returned under one hour later, he found that the home was deathly still.  There were no sounds of laughter and playing from his children, Cora (5), Dawson (3) and Callan (8 months).

He found Lindsay laying on the ground outside their home.  She was unable to move and had cuts to her neck and wrists.  She told him that the children were in the basement.

Patrick ran to the basement, and what he found there was one of the worst scenes that first responders had ever seen.  Lindsay had strangled all three children with exercise bands.  Cora and Dawson passed away that night, Callan passed away after fighting for his life for days.

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast we discuss the deaths of the Clancy children, at their hands of the mother Lindsay.

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