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Lucinda Lathan | Mom, Certified Personal Trainer

Do you know what your body and health need but can’t figure out why it’s not working for your goals? Are you burning out as you do for others in family, work and community, but never find time to care for yourself? Have you given up on the diet roller-coasters, heavy workouts and weight loss obsession but don’t know what to do next? You are not alone! And your health matters. I am here to help you find balance, whole health, and confidence in your body again, helping you center the most important support for your life - your body’s health. Hey, I’m Lu, certified personal trainer and lifetime mover. After babies, I wrestled with the weight loss game and LOST, time and again. It was only when I realized I needed to make whole health my first priority that I began my journey to true wellness. My mission is to help us love our bodies to whole health. I created Body Habit Rescue, a health habit program that aims to get ambitious working moms unstuck. And I’m ready to share this with you! If you are ready to learn basic ways to care for yourself daily, then listen in. Wherever you are, refill that empty water bottle, lace up those shoes, grab those earbuds, because we are about to move your health. JOIN the Online Community -> Be an INSIDER -> Get unstuck in your body basics -> read less
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