The Magical Realms Podcast

Mark Anthony Wyatt

Here at the Magical Realms Podcast we will try to focus on the unseen, but inspirational borderlands where the Paranormal meets and blends with our more mainstream culture, for example, in our creative arts; literature (esp., strange fiction); music; history; folklore; and film. We are fascinated by all the weird stuff, the high strangeness that stalks so many of us, such as UFOs; Ghosts, Black Eyed Kids, Bigfoot etc., but, unlike most paranormal podcasts, we're also highly absorbed by the relationship that this 'smorgasbord of strange' has with our creative arts. Our intention then, with the occasional assistance of talented, thoughtful guests, from both the paranormal and the creative fields, is to mine these deep lodes, delve into these liminal spaces, these places where the magic that sparks our creativity abides, and the muse still resides! PS I'll be posting the podcast to the Medium platform, URL@ https://medium.com/@markanthonywyattmagicalrealms Mark is a published author with three books (so far) available on Amazon, and in various independent, specialist book stores too, particularly in Cornwall (in the UK). The books are, 'The Spirit of Cornwall: A Haunted Legacy' (volumes one and two) and 'Wyatt's Weird World.' he has appeared as a guest on paranormal/esoteric/philosophy podcasts all over the world, but mostly in the U.S.A., the U.K., and Canada.