Ep. 77 - Independent Media Creation in the Age of Spin (& Capital) ft. Sophie Elizabeth James

Bourbon 'n BrownTown

29-04-2022 • 1 hr 40 mins

BrownTown gets meta with return guest Sophie Elizabeth James, sociologist, program manager in the anti-human trafficking sector, and creator of the Unpaid Emotional Labor podcast. The team dissects our current independent media landscape and the digital and socio-political histories that make it up. While they center their own experience in making films and podcasts and using social media, they also lean into noteworthy media events in relation to dominant narratives on "propaganda", media literacy, and the issues of too many dudes with podcasts.

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Sophie Elizabeth James is a political sociologist and project manager in the anti-human trafficking sector and creator of the Unpaid Emotional Labor podcast. With a masters in sociology AND pop culture, she aims to provide nuance and levity to topics taken for granted. She is most interested in how folx negotiate their identities in the sociopolitical and engaging in a system that seeks to destroy. Her favorite pastimes are verbally eviscerating bored trolls with expert use of their colonized language. Follow Sophie on Instagram and Unpaid Emotional Labor on Instagram and Patreon.

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CREDITS: Intro/outro music XXX by Kendrick Lamar. Audio engineered by Kiera Battles. Episode photo by Victoria Price.


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