Cool Banne Ki Kahani

Zindagi Ke Uss Par

15-01-2021 • 12 mins

Every person who doesn’t know the reality is Nadaan and every person who lacks self confidence is Masoom. This is a story about 2 friends and how did the wrong influences shaped their life. This episode is made to highlight the most important and influential part of our lives. Nobody is bad, everyone’s behaviour is an outcome of the choices they made. We at Zindagi Ke Uss par highlight the choices and explain what is the right choice.

This podcast is beautifully curated with our heart where we have assembled all the learnings and stories that help us become a good human being and find the purpose of our life. How to value our life, and make it worth it.

A Podcast By Juhi and Vidit

Writers - Juhi Sankhla and Vidit Meghwal

Podcast Producer - Vidit Meghwal

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