DPAK, Musician, Composer and Voice of the Changemaker Generation...Love, Sound, Soil, Community and Just Having Fun!

The Soulfam Podcast

23-04-2022 • 57 mins

DPAK, a magical musical wonder for a changemaker generation, shares his voice, compositions and passion with his multi-talented, multi-instrumental sound on The Soulfam Podcast. Appearing at SXSW, Burning Man and a multitude of other concert gatherings including the upcoming Music and Sky festival  (https://musicandsky.com) in the California desert, DPAK -- formerly known as The Other Deepak - feels his way through guitar, violin and keyboard (and other instruments, too)  to create a unique sound for the multitudes. DPAK is the orchestra/arranger for Disney's Mira the Royal Detective. In this musically-enhanced interview, DPAK's energetically inspired music can be heard -- beginning with All My Life then This is the Time, King of the Moment and Refugees of Love (all music used courtesy of DPAK). In this high energy interview, DPAK shares his views on freedom, growing up in an Indian culture, cooking, self-sustainability, bio-soil dynamics and a cat named Jasmine.  The Soulfam Podcast hopes you enjoy this interview and many more!! DPAK can be found on Spotify under DPAK and on FB and Instagram @therealdpak and on You Tube under DPAK, Robot Nature and The Other Deepak. More to come!!! As DPAK says, stay in the tune!

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