Caro, creator of The Last Unicorn 40th Anniversary -- a conversation of The Last Unicorn animated film cult classic and 40th anniversary event, unicorns, rock'n roll, anime artistry, author Peter S. Beagle and feminine power!!

The Soulfam Podcast

27-07-2022 • 50 mins

Caro, a longtime fan and art collector of animation from the classic 1982 film The Last Unicorn, shares her journey to become the founder and creator of The Last Unicorn 40th event which kicks off Saturday, July 30, with a special screening at the David Geffen Academy of Motion Pictures theater. Sure to be filled with cos-play characters of unicorns, princesses including Amalthea and princes and upset dragons, the event is the first of a soon to be international tour of this very special film and its Japanese-based anime artistry and the classic book written by Peter S. Beagle. For anyone who hasn't seen this film, its feminine power themes defy the usual rescue-me princess tales and empower women in their most feminine. Marked by a call to tribe, the last unicorn journeys through adventures and deep darkness to find she indeed is NOT the last unicorn. But not before facing peril and many heart-rendering choices. Caro, inspired by the movie since her childhood, took on the arduous, grassroots task of creating The Last Unicorn 40th anniversary event, merchandise and tour. For more information, check out  and on Instagram @thelastunicorn40. And grab some cool The Last Unicorn swag  and art at this and other upcoming events in LA!!!

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