Cosmic Collective Alert!! Depth Astrologer Kelley Hunter and the Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces and today's generations' soul missions!!!

The Soulfam Podcast

10-04-2022 • 53 mins

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D. and expert in depth astrology, shares the universal mission behind April 12's conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The first time in 150 years, this celestial alignment has transformative energy for the universe, the human collective and our individuals lives...shared right here on The Soulfam Podcast. Kelley shares her passionate and deep understanding of individual charts -- our personal cosmic blueprints --  and gives a snapshot of charts for today's living generations. The Changemakers are here!! So are the visionaries!!! And the very highly sensitive, precious little ones are emerging on the planet. As Kelley says, what a time to be alive!!! On The Soulfam Podcast, Kelley shares her deep and highly researched fascination with stargazing, a habit encouraged by her father. Kelley can be followed and contacted at Kelley also just recorded an amazing conversation about newly discovered planets in the Kuiper Belt with the highly followed and respected astrologer Pam Gregory on You Tube (don't miss it!)

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