What is this reality? Explore with Chris Anatra, the Quantum Businessman, as he traverses the multi-verse for truth, depth and meaning

The Soulfam Podcast

08-10-2022 • 1 hr 16 mins

Software entrepreneur Chris Anatra takes The Soulfam Podcast on a journey through the Earth's reality as he explores what "reality" actually means and is at this time on this planet. Established in the food business, Chris discovered through clients and his own software the bending of reality through words, memories and communication. So much he was inspired to explore beyond the 3-D into what is likely an every evolving, ever shifting multi-verse where realities shift from dimension to dimension, and possibly co-existing as multi-dimensions simultaneously. Chris's work appears on You Tube and on his own website, The Quantum Businessman. He is a frequent speaker at conscious events and a consummate student of what is and how reality is evolving. For the first time, Chris shares newly-acquired "light language" skills - universal languages from the planets and other dimensions - on this episode of The Soulfam Podcast. Listen to the very end as Chris welcomes us all home as he shares light language and explains its meaning. Enjoy!!! The Soulfam Podcast thanks you for every listen, download, like and for your interest in consciousness, spirituality, science, health, entertainment and the multi-verse.

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