Fola Veritas; Plant Medicine, Shamanic Journeys, Autism and Compassionate Depossession..Welcome to the world of Deep Mind Squared!

The Soulfam Podcast

19-12-2022 • 56 mins

Welcome to the world of Deep Mind Squared (, @deep_mind_squared) of shamanic practitioner, reiki master and psychiatric nurse Fola Veritas on this episode of THE SOULFAM PODCAST with Diana and Lexi!!! Join us on this trip (pun intended) healing through the art and science of plant medicine, entity clearing, compassionate de-possession and a cool mix of alternative and traditional healing for depression, greater consciousness, understanding and self-empowerment. In this episode, Fola shares her experiences with clients through their plant medicine journeys, her own points of view on the evolving use of psychedelics and bioactive organic foods as support for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Not to be overlooked is a brief discussion about intelligence, heightened awareness and sensitivity and consciousness as it possibly relates to autism and the upcoming soon to be released Lionsgate movie, "The Unbreakable Boy." Fola shares her mindful thoughts regarding ayahuasca, soul release and the experiences of conscious growth as a person of color. A jam-packed interview, this episode will not disappoint. Thank you for time, listens and downloads. THE SOULFAM PODCAST

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