Pixel 6a + Pixel Watch + Pixel Buds Pro + Pixel 7


13-05-2022 • 42 mins

New phones, new watch, new wireless earbuds, and even a new tablet. Is Google getting serious about hardware?

Gadgets 360 executive editor Jamshed Avari and deputy reviews editor Roydon Cerejo join host Akhil Arora to discuss the best of Google I/O 2022.

The only bit actually confirmed for India is the Pixel 6a, a “budget” phone in the US that will likely end up around Rs. 40,000 or more in India. It’s not due before August, so who knows what that segment — already very competitive — will look like by then.

With the Pixel Watch, Google finally enters wearables and puts its Fitbit acquisition to good use. No price on that though. The Pixels Buds Pro do have a price, and they seem to be going up against the AirPods Pro and others of its ilk.

Google also teased a Pixel Tablet for 2023, and the next generation of its flagship phones — the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro — expected in late 2022. We also discuss Google Maps’ new Immersive Mode, and the new Indian languages coming to Google Search and Translate.

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • Pixel 6a (00:20)
  • Pixel Watch (10:27)
  • Pixel Tablet (15:49)
  • Pixel Buds Pro (23:19)
  • Pixel 7 (27:55)
  • The rest (31:20)
  • More of India (40:24)
  • Outro (42:27)

Photo credits: Google