Pixel 6a review: camera first, India last


29-07-2022 • 36 mins

Nearly two years — and two full generations — on from the last one, Google is back with a new phone in India.

Gadgets 360 senior reviewers Aditya Shenoy and Sheldon Pinto join Orbital host Akhil Arora to discuss the Pixel 6a.

We talk about how it compares to its brother Pixel 6, what the Pixel 6a camera offers (and doesn’t), and why Google has more or less given up on the Indian smartphone market.

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Along the way, we touch upon Google’s Tensor chip, how we feel about the 6a given our experiences with the Pixel 4a, and the other phones you should consider at its Rs. 43,999 price.

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • More SE or mini? (00:34)
  • Pixel magic (07:00)
  • Why not Pixel 6? (10:53)
  • The software (14:31)
  • Nexus to Pixel (18:25)
  • The competition (23:54)
  • Finicky fingerprint (27:03)
  • The rest (30:45)
  • Outro (35:47)

Cover: Aditya Shenoy/Gadgets 360. Photo credits: Jamshed Avari/Gadgets 360, Google, Shenoy/Gadgets 360, Kārlis Dambrāns, OnePlus.