\\ Life of a Physician Assistant in Psychiatric Specialty

Where the White Coats Come Off - Get Accepted to PA School

08-11-2021 • 20 mins

Today's episode is with the awesome Taylor, a PA-C specializing in mental health! Here she shares what a day in the life of a psych PA is like, as well as some great tips for pre-PAs and current PA students! You can catch Taylor on IG at @taythepsychpa

Go to the show notes and download your free Map to PA school! There are so many hoops to jump through and things to accomplish to even be able to apply to PA school and it can all be very overwhelming and confusing.  So we created a Map to PA school checklist that will tell you exactly what you need to do and when to do, taking you from freshman year all the way to PA school!  And don’t worry if you are already a few years in, you can totally catch up!  So jump on it and get started HERE!  The sooner you start, the sooner you begin your dream career!

If you have a PA school interview coming up, you need to make sure you are prepared to answer any question thrown your way!  If you have an MMI or traditional interview or a mix of both interview, are you ready to answer your interview questions in a way that highlights your strengths as a candidate and in a way that programs are looking for?  You have worked so hard to land an interview, so make sure you are super prepared to have an outstanding interview.  We created an Interview Question Workbook Bundle that has MMI questions, traditional questions and everything in between so that you go into your interview confident and knowing exactly what may be thrown your way!  If you want to rock out your interview answers, you need this bundle! Get it HERE!

If you are trying to find patient care experience hours but struggling to find a position, we recommend looking into Advanced EClinical Training!  An entirely online, at your pace nationally accredited certification program that will help you land a patient care position as a patient care tech or medical assistant!  Certifications always look great on your CASPA application and make you more competitive!  Advanced EClinical Training allows you to obtain your PCT or MA certification around your busy schedule so you can stand out from the crowds!  Check it out here:

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