6. "Please, Stop Me!"

Small Town Dicks

May 26 2023 • 53 mins

A serial killer is loose in the early 1980s. His attacks are increasingly brutal and his choice of victim is seemingly random. Then, after he commits his crimes he does something confounding: He calls the police and, while seeming to cry, asks them to stop him. But despite his apparent guilt, he continues to kill, while the police desperately try to track him down.

Guest: Prosecutor Tom

A native of Minnesota, Tom Foley spent twenty-one years in law enforcement, including four terms as Ramsey County Attorney (1978- 1995) in St. Paul, Minnesota. As County Attorney, he was the chief prosecutor for the jurisdiction. He also served as Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Corrections (1976-1978) and Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota (1973-1976). He's a founding member of Foley & Quigley Law, a Minnesota-based firm focused on gaming and Native American legal issues. He's also vice president of Lowry Strategies Inc.,. a Washington-based government affairs company.

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